business breakthroughs via personal growth

You have a vision for your business and your life. You want to grow, succeed, and make a difference.

But something is holding you back.

Maybe it’s fear, doubt, or insecurity. Maybe it’s past experiences or traumas that still haunt you. Maybe it’s a lack of clarity or direction.

Whatever it is, it’s preventing you from reaching your full potential.

And you’re not alone.

Plena Vita is a coaching and consulting service that helps people get out of their heads and into their hearts to overcome their internal barriers and achieve their goals.

The truth is, we all have hidden barriers that limit our potential…

You (or your people) might be facing these common challenges:


You don’t know what you REALLY want, or you’re afraid to admit it.


You’ve learned to play it safe and avoid risks, even when they could lead to greater rewards.


You doubt your abilities and worthiness, and you sabotage your own success.


You’re haunted by negative experiences and traumas that keep you stuck in the past.

These are not just personal problems. They affect your business performance, your health, and your relationships.

But what if you could overcome these barriers and unleash your true potential?

What if you could create a life that aligns with your values and vision?

Introducing Plena Vita:

The Ultimate Solution for Business Growth and Personal Transformation

We don’t just give you advice or tips. We help you create a customized system that works for you and your business.

A system that helps you:

Identify and eliminate the negative beliefs and experiences that sabotage your success

Discover and pursue what you really want in life and work

Take consistent action and stay accountable to your goals

Achieve measurable and lasting results that exceed your expectations

And much more…

BE Fully Alive

Our three-step process

will help you get out of your head and into your heart. 

Woman smashing a concrete wall


Reset your nervous system.

Training your nervous system to function optimally is crucial for overall well-being and thriving in today’s fast-paced world.

A well-regulated nervous system enables you to effectively manage stress, enhancing your mental and emotional resilience.

By cultivating this balance, you can experience improved cognitive function, emotional stability, and adaptability to various challenges.


Know yourself.

Understanding oneself through self-observation and awareness is a foundational cornerstone of personal growth and fulfillment.

Delving into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with a keen introspective eye allows you to uncover deep-rooted patterns, motivations, and desires.

This self-awareness fosters a profound sense of clarity, enabling you to make conscious choices aligned with your values and aspirations.


Love yourself.

Embracing self-love entails extending grace and compassion to your own journey, fostering a nurturing relationship with yourself.

It involves releasing all that hinders your progress and no longer serves your highest good.

Through self-love, you empower yourself to create or rejuvenate a captivating life vision, one that aligns with your passions and aspirations.

The Result…

Leading with clarity and confidence.

Meet Mary

About Plena Vita

Are you tired of playing it safe and holding yourself back? Do you long for greater rewards but doubt your abilities? Are negative experiences keeping you stuck in the past?

At Plena Vita, we understand your struggles and are here to help. I’m Mary Meduna-Gross, and your breakthroughs are my life’s work. I’m here to guide you towards a brighter future.

Client Successes

"After a difficult, unexpected life event I was struggling to get back in to my business and knew I needed help. Mary came very highly recommended by a colleague. I knew from our very first conversation she was the right coach. I can't thank Mary enough for her guidance and her expertise!"

Chris R.

Real Estate Professional

"Mary gives me grace when I'm too hard on myself and forces me to shine a light on my accomplishments. She is always there with a kind word but also helping me pinpoint and navigate through my weak spots!"

Molly B.

Business Owner

"My husband asked me if I thought coaching was worth the investment and I turned to him and said, "Over the next 6 weeks, I have the most transactions scheduled to close than I ever have had in my six year career, possibly a Million-Dollar month in November and I'm still working with 2 active buyers, with 2 more listings coming on this month and a listing appointment on Monday. So, yes, I think my coaching with Mary is worth it!!" 🙂 (Oh, I've already listed 3 houses this month, and all three are under contract.)"

Joy T.

Real Estate Professional

Do it All Without Feeling Shamed, Judged, or Defeated

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