Unleash Your Inner Leader with the

Plena Vita

Transformational Journey

Together, we will transform your mindset, rewire your nervous system, and empower you to be your best self in all areas of life.

Mary Meduna Gross

Hey there, visionary leader.

Ever wondered what separates the titans of industry from the rest? It’s not just strategies or tactics – it’s a mindset, a way of being that sets them miles apart.

Introducing Plena Vita, your gateway to unlocking your true potential as a conscious business leader.

I’m your guide, your confidant, your Executive Wellness Coach – a wizard at combining leadership prowess, positive psychology, and personal development to shatter internal barriers that keep you from being your absolute best.

Our Power Punch:

Rewiring Your Success

Listen up, maverick – if you’re ready to move out of your head and into your heart, Plena Vita’s arsenal is locked and loaded:

NeurOptimal's Mind Revolution

Imagine rewiring your nervous system for peak performance. It’s not just a dream; it’s the NeurOptimal promise. Rent the system for a turbo-charged 1-3 months or own it to sculpt resilience, emotional harmony, and bid chronic stress adieu.

Custom-Tailored Coaching

Unveil your full potential with our 1:1 coaching sessions. No surface-level fluff here – we dive deep into self-awareness, self-love, and crafting a vision that’s as compelling as your wildest dreams.

Demolishing Limiting Beliefs

Say goodbye to those pesky core limiting beliefs. Our tech-driven hypnotherapy smashes these barriers without tedious talk therapy. It’s a revolution that unfolds within, transforming your reality from the inside out.

For the Dream Chasers

Attention, seekers of greatness! If success courses through your veins, if personal development is your guiding star, if you’re hell-bent on being the unparalleled best, then Plena Vita beckons you to embark on this thrilling odyssey.

Our Vision of Empowerment

At Plena Vita, we dream of a world where leaders shine with happiness and wisdom, effortlessly coming together with endless possibilities.

Picture a place where conscious business leaders truly excel, and their positive influence spreads through teams, industries, and beyond.

Happy manager with happy employees
Our core values: wellness, simplicity, and play

Our Values: Wellness, Simplicity, & Play

Let our bedrock values steer you: Wellness fuels our every move, simplicity declutters your path to success, and play infuses joy and innovation into every stride you take.

My Journey of Impact

Credentials Galore

I’m no armchair theorist – a Master’s in mental health counseling, a Ph.D. in leadership, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), NLP Master Practitioner, and more make me your steadfast ally.


Transforming Futures

I’ve breathed new life into underperforming high school squads, sculpting success and leaving no room for mediocrity.

Power Through the Pandemic

I stood with real estate agents during the pandemic upheaval, sculpting resilience in the face of adversity.

On a Mission

In 2021, Plena Vita sprang to life, exclusively offering dynamic 1:1 coaching to ignite transformation.

Revolutionary Leap

2023 marked the fusion of NeurOptimal’s cutting-edge prowess and tech-assisted hypnotherapy. It’s a game-changer, unlocking the next level without the hassle of incessant chatter.

Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Mary Meduna Gross
Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Mary Meduna Gross

Ready for Your Ascension?

Plena Vita beckons, a realm where your leadership legacy is forged, where success isn’t just a destination – it’s an unyielding way of life. Eager to dive into your own evolution? Reach out, let’s make the transformation real. Your journey begins now.