Energy Rising

Stories and strategies you can use to live into a new way of being.

The Struggle is Real

Why am I struggling? Why haven’t I realized my dreams? What is holding me back?! The struggle is real. Take a moment now and truly tune into yourself with these questions. -What sensations arise in your body as you ponder them? -What narratives does your inner voice...

Surviving in a Toxic Culture

How do you survive in a toxic culture? Before we answer this question, let me define what I mean by a toxic culture. I’m talking about an organization that has a pattern of not communicating clear expectations, decisions are not based on existing policies or...

My Year of Play: Day 1

I always feel optimistic at the new year; it represents new beginnings and growth. This year, I’ve decided that my primary intention is to PLAY. This is important to me because I tend to get deeply engrossed in “work”. I was taught a very robust work ethic, leading me...

About This Blog

I’m Mary Meduna-Gross, a professional coach and the founder of Plena Vita, a company that offers coaching services and products to help people rewire their success.

Embark on a transformative journey with me as we challenge the conventional notions of success. In our blog and Fully Alive podcast, discover a unique path that prioritizes energy management, enabling you to effortlessly bring your dreams to life by embracing a state of creative flow.