Embracing Love: A Journey from Work to Play

by | Mar 17, 2024 | Relationships, Well-Being/ Self-Leadership

If you’ve been following me in 2024, you know that I’ve designated this as the Year of Play for myself. This decision stemmed from realizing that I harbor numerous assumptions and beliefs regarding “work,” none of which feel particularly uplifting. By setting this intention, I’ve been able to pinpoint moments when these beliefs surface, diverting me from fully embracing my creativity through play.

This morning, another realization struck me. While seeing my husband off to work, I caught myself thinking, “He is on his way to work,” and I couldn’t shake the discomfort attached to the word “work.” As soon as I acknowledged this uneasy feeling, a thought emerged: “What if we approached each day as ‘leaving for love’ instead of ‘leaving for work’?”

My inner voice promptly dismissed the idea with a mental eye-roll, typical of the ego’s response. Yet, simultaneously, I noticed a sense of lightness and excitement at the prospect. It felt like tapping into a higher purpose. As I mentally reviewed my agenda and to-do list, I envisioned infusing love into every task and interaction, and the energy seemed to soar.

Imagine how effortless it would be to dwell in a realm of play and creativity if driven by love rather than duty.

Throughout the day, I made a conscious effort to check in with myself: Was I merely working, or was I genuinely loving in each moment? When I found myself working, I sensed that familiar twist; whereas, when I was loving, I felt a profound openness to possibilities.

Each self-check reinforced my alignment with love, and I realized that maintaining this practice consistently for just a few days could significantly reshape my entrenched beliefs about work, paving the way for sustained immersion in love and play with minimal effort.

Would you join me in this playful experiment? Are you open to trying it out for a day or two to explore how this shift in perspective might impact you?

It’s simple: Just swap “love” for “work” in your narratives. I’m genuinely curious to hear about your experiences. After all, I certainly didn’t anticipate this revelation during a routine walk to the door!

I’d love to hear your experience with this experiment. Email me at mary@plenavita.coach to share!

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