How would you rate your current level of energy, and how often do you find yourself at this energy level throughout the week? If your energy is low, have you considered what it might be costing you to live at this level? Conversely, if your energy is high, what unexpected gifts have you received along the way?

The concept of energy is intriguing. We intuitively understand it, yet it remains somewhat abstract. It’s a force experienced through our six senses (including intuition), and often it feels like our energy is managing us, ebbing and flowing throughout the day.

In her study, “Your Core Energy Determines Your Life Potential,” Lynn Waldorf, PhD, CPC (2018), presents perspectives from two prominent researchers.

Daniel Siegel, in his book “Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human,” describes energy as constantly flowing through the brain and body, between oneself and others, and in interaction with the world. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience,” refers to this energy as the physical manifestation of human consciousness.

Waldorf emphasizes the importance of learning how to maintain and capitalize on this energy, as it is fundamental to motivation, performance, and achieving goals. Siegel suggests that individuals have more influence over their energy flow than they may realize, implying that with conscious effort, control over life experiences and achievements can be increased (Waldorf, 2018).

My purpose is to facilitate the rise of energy in everyone I engage with. In this blog, Energy Rising, I will discuss energy and how we can empower ourselves to live in a grounded state with high energy. Can you feel that? Imagine what you could create in this state—I assure you, the possibilities are endless!

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