Last week, I met with a colleague, and as we were checking in with one another at the beginning of the call, I acknowledged that I had been feeling a little cranky that morning. She laughed and shared that earlier in the week, she, too, had wanted to bite someone’s face off. She pulled up the Robot Chicken YouTube video about the 5 stages of grief. In the anger stage, the giraffe yells out in frustration that he would like to bite someone’s face off! We both laughed hysterically at the poor little giraffe, empathizing with the struggle.

Fast forward to Monday morning. Once again, I’m feeling cranky. Emotions often come up for me in the mornings, especially while I’m in the sauna, so I don’t make too much of being cranky. I assume that if I can allow the energy to move through me instead of trying to resist it, I’ll eventually get past it and move on with my day.

However, as I stepped out the door with Spicy for our walk, I found myself impatient with her. Wait a minute—I may not be through this yet. My inner chatter starts to complain about how annoying these emotions are, why does this have to take so long and be so difficult…you get my point.

My old self would’ve tried to talk herself out of the pain which often went something like, “What’s wrong with you now? It’s always something with you. Why can’t you just be happy?” While this is going on in my head, on another channel, I would be scanning through my recent experiences to try to figure out what triggered these emotions; this discomfort must have a source and identifying the source seemed like a rational way to avoid these situations in the future (When you’re looking for something like this, you’ll very likely come up with justifiable possibilities). I’m not even sure how these scenes ended in my experience. My hunch is that I simply rolled into the next drama. The pain really didn’t ever end.

When I noticed my irritability with Spicy, I knew I still had this painful energy hanging out in the corners. I wanted it to have passed through already, but I obviously had more to release, and I was irritated about that—this is not my preference; this is not how I want to start my week.

Then I heard my inner chatter ask, “What do you need in this moment, Mary?”

Me: “I need to move through this already!”

Inner Chatter: “You know, Ho’Oponopono has helped you in the past.”

Me: “Of course!” I started the mantras on the spot. About 20 minutes later I started to feel less cranky. I even started to hear migrating geese and other spring birds. By the time I got home, I wasn’t exactly myself, but I was well on my way.

I studied Ho’Oponopono with Joe Vitale and according to his website, “Ho’Oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice still in use today and is well-known for the miracle it does in clearing negativity from one’s mind and thought. It is believed to be designed to wipe out all the negativity in our thoughts and those blocks that are keeping us miserable.” I have found this to be consistently true and I’m grateful my higher self was able to recall this practice in the midst of my drama this morning. It was a lifeline.

Ho’Oponopono is easy to practice. There are 4 statements that you repeat to yourself over and over until you start to feel relief (BTW, This also works on physical pain). The four statements are:

  • I love you.
  • I’m sorry.
  • Please forgive me.
  • Thank you.

If you are a logical type, your brain is probably searching for answers about “Who am I talking to?, or Who am I forgiving, and for what?” The short answer is, it doesn’t matter—just use the statements and watch how you feel.

I explain the statements in this way:

  • I love you: My higher self is loving me.
  • I’m sorry: I’m sorry I ever believed or did anything that isn’t aligned with the highest version of myself.
  • Please forgive me: I’m learning to forgive myself instead of always judging myself.
  • Thank you: This is an expression of gratitude for remembering who I am, for loving myself and being willing to forgive myself.

As my day went on, I had several appointments cancel. With every cancel, I felt like I had more space. With this sense of relief, I looked back at the last couple of weeks (when I’ve also experienced more crankiness) and noticed that my calendar has had many days of back-to-back appointments. I wasn’t getting enough time between calls to follow up or even to reset my system, and I was exhausted. I’m quite certain that this was the reason for my irritability. I knew I had another full day and I was angry at myself for allowing my calendar to fill up this way.

I’m coming away this afternoon feeling complete relief from irritability and with clarity about what I need going forward.

Next time you find yourself wanting to bite someone’s face off, ask yourself what you need in the moment, and then give this to yourself. Second, practice Ho’Oponopono as you allow the painful emotional energy to move through you. Third, celebrate yourself for getting yourself unstuck today!

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