Group Program

You’ve bought into the belief that achieving your goals is the key to happiness. You’re willing to give 100% effort because your aspirations are not just for yourself – they’re about making a difference in the world. But amidst this worthy pursuit, have you stopped to consider if your strategy is sustainable?

Sustainability Check

How do you answer the difficult questions?

Will your relentless pursuit of success leave you with loved ones who celebrate with you or resent the sacrifices they’ve had to make?

Will you have the health and peace of mind to enjoy your accomplishments, or will you be too exhausted to savor the moment?

You’ve been convinced that doing the “right things” consistently leads to the “right results.” Yet, despite your endless quest for the perfect strategy, information, or system, it never seems to be quite enough.

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audio recordings, virtual reality, or biofeedback devices, enhance the hypnotic experience

Your Personal Narrative

What shapes your reality?

The truth is, your current reality – the good, the bad, and the ugly – is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. These stories dictate how you perceive the world and what actions you believe will yield the desired outcomes.

Have you found yourself repeating the same patterns in different areas of your life? Isn’t it time to break free from this cycle and upgrade your internal operating system once and for all?


Embrace Your Journey

Are you ready to say YES?

By embracing this transformation, you can expect:

  • Increased productivity with less effort
  • Improved time and energy management, leading to a better work-life balance
  • Heightened engagement and excitement in your endeavors
  • Enhanced satisfaction in your relationships
  • Boosted creativity and personal freedom
  • Greater sense of well-being and health
  • Strengthened leadership skills

When you’re ready to prioritize your own well-being and align with your deepest aspirations, I’m here to guide you. Having faced similar challenges myself, I understand the journey you’re on, and I’m ready to share the insights and strategies that helped me overcome.

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audio recordings, virtual reality, or biofeedback devices, enhance the hypnotic experience

A Glimpse of Our Journey


  •  6-Month Program: Dive deep into your leadership journey with our comprehensive 6-month program.
  • Small Group Environment: Experience personalized attention and support in a small group setting, capped at just 12 participants.
  • Virtual Meetings: Engage in enriching discussions and learning sessions virtually, convening three times a month for 60 minutes each, excluding December.
  • Convenient Schedule: Mark your calendar for Tuesdays at 2PM Central Time, starting April 2, 2024. We’ll meet on the first three Tuesdays of every month.
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment: Gain invaluable insights into your default patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and actions with our renowned Energy Leadership Index assessment.


Transformative Results


  • Shift Your Inner Critic: Transform your inner critic into your inner guide, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Confidence and Creativity: Embrace confidence and creativity, even in the face of challenges, empowering you to lead with resilience.
  • Adaptability: Learn to adapt without compromising your values and integrity, mastering the art of agile leadership.
  • Influence and Empowerment: Influence and empower others to reach their full potential, igniting positive change within your organization and beyond.