I am inviting you on a journey to raise your energy. We will talk a lot about what drains your energy and how you can reclaim it, redirect it, and amplify it. Why? Because you are here for a purpose, and I want you to not only live that purpose but also enjoy the experience along the way. This is a fascinating, at times terrifying, and ultimately the most rewarding investment you can make in yourself.

But where do we start?

The journey begins with self-awareness. When you don’t engage in persistent self-awareness, you are unconsciously operating from your very unique point of view and all the standards, rules, and expectations that come with it. Most of all, you are hoping, nay, expecting the people and situations around you to comply with your point of view. When they do, you feel great; when they don’t, you are not just disappointed but probably compounding this pain through self-criticism and blame. This isn’t going to raise your energy.

I remember the days when I would spend hours with my colleagues, blaming, complaining, and criticizing people, systems, situations, all in an attempt to solve a problem. At the time, I think I might have considered this self-awareness. After all, I was aware of what I was doing, and I could justify these behaviors because I believed that these behaviors would help us uncover the root of the problem and eventually resolve it.

That strategy never worked, but at the time, none of us were aware of an alternative.

What is self-awareness? Self-awareness is the practice of observing your inner experience as you engage in life. It isn’t just observing what you are doing, but why you are doing it that way. It isn’t just observing that something feels good or bad, but what standard are you using to make this discernment and why is that important to you? It is about observing the story you are living from.

Your experience is 100% based on the meaning you give to the people and events you encounter. You are not upset because your partner left a mess for you to clean up or that your colleague spoke to you in that tone of voice. You’re upset because of what this means to you. Perhaps, from your point of view, cleaning up after your partner means that they are taking you for granted, or your colleague’s tone of voice sounded just like your critical grandmother, and you don’t allow anyone to speak to you like this anymore.

I can hear your objections—does this mean that I just allow everyone to walk all over me?! Am I just supposed to wear rose-colored glasses all day?

Nope—and I understand where this question comes from. I have also learned that this really has to be experienced before you can give yourself permission to fully buy in. For the record, I expect you to approach everything I share with skepticism. Therefore, the invitation is to just try it on for yourself. I invite your objections and questions for clarification. If the objection or question is coming up for you, it is probably coming up for others, so bring it to me so that we can all grow together.

Whether you are just beginning to consider practicing self-awareness or if you’ve been practicing for years, The Conscious Leadership Group’s short video called “Locating Yourself—A key to conscious leadership” is powerful.

They have taken a complex topic and distilled it down to a simple metaphor: Are you above or below the line? This location ‘describes how we are being with what is occurring in our life now.’ When we are above the line, we are open, curious, and committed to learning. When we are below the line, we are defensive, closed, and committed to being right.

Are you willing to step out of your experience, just for a moment, to observe whether you are above or below the line right now? Here is a side-by-side comparison of these two locations as defined by the CLG video mentioned previously.

Please note that we are wired and conditioned to function below the line. This is where all of our pain exists, and if we are not practicing self-awareness, we think this is all there is.

Self-awareness, then, is your first step toward reclaiming your energy. Observe how you react or respond to people and events in your life. Please don’t judge yourself, just notice. Notice what is happening, the story you are telling yourself about what is happening, and how it feels. Eventually, you’ll notice patterns that empower you and those that disempower you. This information will help you redirect your energy.

Share your observations, questions, and surprises that come up for you along the way. I will address these for you directly.

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