The Struggle is Real

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Emotional Intelligence, Well-Being/ Self-Leadership

Why am I struggling?

Why haven’t I realized my dreams?

What is holding me back?!

The struggle is real. Take a moment now and truly tune into yourself with these questions.

-What sensations arise in your body as you ponder them?

-What narratives does your inner voice weave?

-Dive deeper… do you sense a profound truth about yourself?

-Is there a whisper of recognition regarding your personal barriers?

The good news is that your struggle can serve as the gateway to the relief you seek, provided you know where to direct your focus.

You’ve been conditioned to seek external sources for guidance, validation, and solace amidst your struggles. Your nervous system, in tandem with your unconscious mind, concocts beliefs and behavioral patterns designed to shield you from pain, fostering a sense of safety and comfort. Since these patterns operate beneath your conscious awareness, you naturally attribute the cause of your distress to external factors, attempting to exert control over them in a bid to maintain stability. However, as external variables elude your control, you find yourself chasing after people and circumstances that promise relief. This pursuit drains your energy and reinforces entrenched beliefs of inadequacy, incapability, or unworthiness.

While your conscious mind may resist the notion that your pain stems from these limiting beliefs, you resort to excuses and rationalizations to uphold your current beliefs and coping mechanisms. You convince yourself that you would find happiness if only external factors were to change. And so you continue, yearning for improvement yet feeling powerless to effect it.

This is the sensation of swimming against the current.

What would it require for you to release the struggle and channel this energy toward the pursuit of your dreams and passions?

At the core of your anguish lies a disconnection from yourself. This is why you struggle to offer yourself the guidance, validation, and sanctuary you seek.

To embrace your journey fully, consider turning inward. Reconnect with yourself, honor your truth, and reclaim your power. Only then can you chart a course towards fulfillment and actualize your aspirations.

Remember, the path to liberation begins within.

Booking a strategy call is a great place to start. Let’s dive deeper into what it means to turn inward and stop swimming upstream.

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